Grades K-5  WhaleTimes Creep into the DEEPEND

WhaleTimes’ mission is to create a connection between the ocean, ocean research, the researchers, and students through formal and informal education programs.

Creep into the DEEPEND Goals:

  • Create a connection between students and scientists
  • Raise awareness of ocean research and conservation efforts
  • Introduce the complexities of the ocean ecosystem
  • Provide unique and memorable teachable moments
  • Inspire students to pursue STEM careers


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Taking Science Deeper Activities

Coloring Sheet - Deep Red Medusa

Coloring Sheet - Deep Sea Squid

Coloring Sheet - Glass Squid

 Coloring Sheet - Anglerfish

Coloring Sheet - Benthic Octopus

Coloring Sheet - Siphonophore


Researcher Posters

Researcher Trading Cards - Set 1

Researcher Trading Cards - Set 2


Vertical Migration Poster

Poster courtesy Oregon Coast Aquarium's Oceanscape Network


Squirt Videos



Deep Water Cephalopods